Rose Ellis 3


As a lyricist I write lyrics to songs, for others and for myself. Here you can read and hear some of the lyrics I wrote through the years. 

Storm – from Sanem Kalfa’s latest album ‘Nehir’

Listen here to the song Storm from Sanem Kalfa’s latest album ‘Nehir’  – lyrics by Rose, music by Sanem Kalfa



Marmaduke (lyrics on melody and Charlie Parker’s solo)

Before you read the lyrics to Marmaduke, it’s nice to know that Marmaduke is a cartoon figure in a newspaper comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson. The strip was created by Anderson, with help from Phil Leeming (1955–1962) and later Dorothy Leeming (1963–1969), and (since August 2, 2004) Paul Anderson. The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their dog named Marmaduke.

Satellite by Rose Ellis

This is a lyric on one of my original tunes. You can hear me sing it on my music page.